Monday, 30 January 2017

My passion and my business is Wildlife!!!

Go Wildlife watching is my online shop that's been in business since 2009 supplying lots of useful wildlife watching products from Wildlife camera traps to Wildlife watching hides. We stock over 500 wildlife watching, wildlife photography, and wildlife filming products. The wildlife watching gear shop is run by me Mike Mottram and I'm involved in many areas of the Natural history field from wildlife observation, wildlife filming, wildlife photography and more recently wildlife conservation and rescue. My passion for wildlife and the Natural world began over 20 years ago. 
I have learned and seen so much since setting up Go wildlife watching while testing the wildlife watching products we sell in our shop. I started Go wildlife watching from nothing and over the years it has enabled me to find the best and most unique wildlife watching kit that will hopefully get you some amazing views and encounters with wildlife in many different habitats in the UK or around the world.

We sell lots of wildlife filming, wildlife photography, and wildlife watching products only available below:
Thank you

Wildlife watcher Mike

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 where has the time gone!!!

Just a quick post to mark the first day of 2017 and the beginning of a new year with lots of Nature and outdoorsy fun. This year I hope to share more things I've been up to Wildlife watching wise as last year I felt I wanted to go out and enjoy rather than searching for the best photographs.
 I will also be searching for that dream house whether it be where I live now or on the coast who knows only time and my budget will be able to answer that. Normally I have 7 weeks in a holiday cottage by the sea but this year more wild back packing and hopefully this way we will be able to save some money. I have started customizing my own camping gear and as I bought myself a cheap sewing machine for Christmas and having lots of camouflage and waterproof material. I'm hoping to make a breathable, waterproof and cozy bivy bag to sleep in and keep my gear dry. I am trying to make something which is more portable and comfortable as for some reason I find tents attract too much attention and lose a lot of heat so to save money rather than buying one seems to be the best option.
More on that and other wild things coming soon.

Happy new year 

Stay wild and protect Nature

Regards Mike

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Watching wildlife - A busy month so heres a few updates

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted and having not taken many photographs. I decided to rest a little this Christmas and just enjoy watching wildlife and the outdoors rather than focusing on photographing and filming wildlife. I've also had a birthday, a week on the coast, checked out a holiday home and started work on a new conservation area hopefully your enjoy the updates below.
  My huge piece of triple Chocolate birthday cake from a tasty Conwy bakery near the harbor
Having sold a few bits of my own kit and my wildlife watching supplies this year to pay for one of my other favorite passions. In 2017 I will be hopefully doing more wild camping in the North Wales and Anglesey area once I get my new light camping gear soon. As I have a few days off work in February I'm hoping I can be ready for a few nights camping on the coastal mountains if I can find the best gear to keep warm and comfy as I'm sure Spring won't be arriving that early next year.

Updates to follow in my next blog post

Thank you and keep watching wildlife


Saturday, 19 November 2016

A new opportunity...

One from this years trip to North Wales on a summers evening watching the sun fall below the horizon. At the minute I am looking into possibly getting a holiday cottage that I can use myself and rent out to holiday makers in the area in 2017. Fingers crossed I've covered all my bases and calculations are correct. I'm going to view the property in December :-) and If all works out I can possibly keep some kit there which will allow me to do more Camping/sea kayaking when I feel like it.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Memories from Summer Badger cubs bounding

With Spring and Summer 2016 well behind us and Winter not far away, I took a look back to my memories of summer and one wild encounter I don't like to miss. On many a warm evening during the months of May to August I would head off through the countryside by canals and lakes to my secret Badger glade where I have spent many years protecting and photographing the clan here.
This year was so special as a pair of fluffy cubs seemed to be always out playing and looking for food while there parents slept and would often come out four a minute or two then return to the safety of the sett. Sometimes the sow would call the cubs underground if they started to go to far from the sett.
 Here is a few of my favorite summer photographs of the cubs before they became wary of these 2 legged creatures around there sett which I am always glad about as I know that human dangers may never be to far away.
 Sometimes they would stay hidden and a Badgers arse would be the only view as the sun fell
 They came close enough to film on our phones some days which was Amazing!!
I love the image below as it captures the Teen Badger cub on a moonlit night just emerging for a few hours of mischief and fun plus learning all the skills it will need to become an adult Badger.
Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe


Sunday, 9 October 2016

A new local find :-)

With local wild places becoming crowded and closer to becoming developed with housing and various other plans. I decided to search in some new places outside of my usual wild places to find some quieter and more undisturbed places. I spotted this Fly agaric Mushroom at Shakerley Mere last Tuesday and the area is becoming one of my favorite weekly places to visit.
I have even found this perfect picnic bench by the lake with a perch where I can place some bird food and enjoy the birds coming back and fourth while I relax and enjoy the outdoors.
 I found this hidden spot which I will be exploring more the next time I visit and I will take a few more photographs of my wildlife findings and habitat.
I love wooden bridges over trickling streams
 Tonight I am trialing a new WiFi camera setup tonight in the garden. I am powering on 12vt mobile backup battery which is nearly lasting an hour which is perfect. I may even see some of the 16+ hedgehogs that pass through my garden looking for food each night which may be a record. A few are hibernating in the hedgie houses in the garden already but more are visiting lately. Luckily not many get squished very much on my concrete island and there main predator the Badger whose numbers are 0 on my local urban patch. As well as filming wildlife I'm hoping to use to catch a few poachers out with this new kit if I can run on a 3G network created my Iphone.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Gannets at Llandudno

After recovering from my 24 hour cold we were up and out relaxing in the warm late Summer sunshine. It felt like it was June not September as the weather was beautiful and even the sea was warm enough to take a dip in. 
While there I checked out a few areas where I could possibly live when it comes to move there in a few years depending on my financial situation. The main reason I want to live there is the stunning natural beauty in the area and the amount of first time encounters I have had there has just been amazing. The other good thing is the thought of a view over the sea and as North Wales is only an hour so away it would be quite easy to visit my current wildlife patch every now and then.
While walking down from the Great Orme one afternoon the tide was reaching its peak and while walking down we noticed lots of Gulls and 4-5 Gannets coming in close and diving a few meters away from the sea wall.
A Gannet just hits the water below the marine drive on the west shore side
My favorite photograph from the encounter
A lovely portrait shot I managed to get from the landscape shot above
Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe