Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last day of 2017

Just a quick blog post to end the year and although I don't do all the happy the new year wishing. I thought it would be nice to finish off 2017 with remembering 3 encounters from the past year and also 3 things I want to do more of in 2018. My favorite three 2017 memories while out about may seem like small things to others but to me and maybe some of you will understand the beauty and complicity of Natural Encounters.
1-My first is Otters on my local river and as its the first year I've had so
many personal sightings of them only a few miles from my home in the early hours of summer.
2-My second is Waxwings in the early months of Spring we had them locally feeding on sticky spring buds on the edge of an industrial estate.
 3-My third and last is being outdoors in the rain, sun, wind, and ice I love all weathers and locations as each area has its own beauty. As I get older I love it even more and sometimes I head off deep into the local countryside to one of my peaceful beauty spots with my tent to commune with Nature.
My three things I want to do more of in 2018 are below:


 Hopefully, all the things above will encourage me to spend more time outdoors with Nature and the good thing is I can mix 1+3 together and 2+3 together which = another happy year doing what I love.
On Saturday 30th December 2017 I got a few photographs from a local bird reserve and one of the many lakes there, I got to see my first ever male Shovelers about 10m from the watching area which was a great bird to see to end the year.
A few of the 10+ bird feeders full of feeding birds 
 The local birders also rubbed fat on the posts to stick bird seed to the fence posts
I Would like to say a big thank you for all your custom at and to everyone that follows my passion. I'm looking forward to seeing what Nature brings next year. To be honest I can't wait to get out camping on the coast and hopefully within the next few months I shall as I am buying a few pieces of kit every month to make camping more comfortable. One things for sure in 2018 I'll be defending Nature in my own way with more kit and knowledge to save animals and habitats when and where I can.
Thank you


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Christmas catch up

Things have been busy with work and my home life so I've been distracted from doing any projects and blog posts at all since November. Today I have decided to do one big blog with a few new little kit updates and some photographs/notes from my wildlife outings. One thing's for sure after just getting over a cold I'm looking forward to my 4 days off over Christmas then bring on the longer warmer days as I've been thinking back to Spring/Summer and just enjoying being by the coast on camping trips. I have a few projects ready to go and hopefully, in 2018 I can do more camping and walking around Wales and fit my new kit into that challenge.
Firstly I managed to buy something I have wanted for a while and that is an entry-level camera drone to get some unique shots of my local habitat and maybe if I get good at flying then perhaps on the coast. I purchased an Archos drone to use while I'm off over Christmas. For now, I will have to find an area close to home with plenty of space and nothing for me to crash into.
I am also thinking of adding 2 thin pieces of polystyrene to add landing legs to stabilize the drone and I am thinking it will also enable it to land on water. I will get on these tests this week as I have a pond to use with plenty of space around it, more fun to come.
As I'm sure like us you have had snow n the past few weeks. I wanted snow while I was having my birthday week on the coast. No snow all week but on my birthday when it was time to come home it snowed all the way home.
 When were there we tried to get on the West shore webcam after realizing there was a delay we got a quick screenshot.
The snow came in slowly...
 After a few hours the hills above Cowny were covered
 We mist the snow but we soaked up some of the Christmas spirit with some wonderful christmas lights and cosy nights in the cottage relaxing and online shopping with the heating on full it was a relaxing week till I got home and caught a cold.
More to come but as it's Christmas week and I have presents to wrap I shall wrap this blog post up here. Merry Christmas and I'll try to write a more wildlife-related post on my fours days off next week. Below there is a few local snowy scenes:

Stay wild Mike

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Lots of lovely cold Nature walks in the day and at Night

I've done it again and not blogged for a month as the only time I get to sit down to write is on a Sunday night.  I've been designing my brother a website for his own photography and his Swan Project which can be found below:
I've been getting distracted recently watching this webcam setup outside at a cafe at Llandudno on the Westshore beach.
Perfect for watching the sunset at the end of the day
It makes me miss the place even more but it inspires me to keep saving and searching for that perfect home on the coast. I can't wait to see it snow on the webcam and I will be definitely be using this camera to check the weather when I visit.
Ryan checking on one of the Hedgehogs that frequently visits our garden to feed under the trees
 Really enjoying going to different places to watch the stunning sunsets on the clearer nights
Prepping my backpack light/phone charge mount for when I get back late
A full moon and a clear sky perfect for Nighttime wildlife watching
 This weekend I decided I wanted to stay close and explore a new area of my home patch a few miles away. I discovered the area while picking up an undelivered package from the post office. The area we decided on walking was called White gateway which lies close to the river Weaver and starts off from Winsford to Cuddington. The walk runs along an old Railway line for about 10km/6miles but on the whole day, we probably walked over 26km/16 miles getting to the walk and returning home. There's more information on the walk here not much to see but a good long walk to blow away the cloudy day cobwebs.

Next month I have a week off for a personal celebration and were heading off to Wales for a week to stay in either a little cottage by the sea or a big cottage by the sea but that depends on....

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Autumn glory

I just love this time of the year with the Red Deers beginning to rut at Tatton Park, birds returning to the garden to feed and the leaves starting to change to all the tones of red and yellow. The local swans are breaking up there family with one of three cygnets leaving after its first flight. Most people don't like the cold, wetter weather but I love the mud as the countryside has more of a peaceful aura about it although I do bump into more nature haters in the form of idiots with dogs and air rifles, if you know me then you know I have a system to deal with those idiots that works to my advantage.
Stay warm and enjoy nature but especially the glorious sunsets of Autumn


Sunday, 1 October 2017

A few hours by the Crown hotel

Last week we decided on taking a bus trip to an area I've seen while on route to Wales for our cottage holidays. The area in question is small beach/pebbled area with some rocks and plenty of muddy for lots of waders, Geese and duck species. There were a large number of birds including Godwits a first sighting for me. There is only access via a bridge over the railway and when we arrived the tide was just coming in pushing the waders ever closer to us.
To the keep the weight down my brother brought his camera and I left mine allowing me to have more room for food supplies. As it was quite overcast and we only intended a quick visit it seemed the best plan. It was our last visit over the Welsh border till December. To make this Winter holiday more special we have decided to book a cottage with a view and hopefully if the weathers bad we don't have to leave the cottage to spot Dolphins, sea birds, seals and who knows even Whales have been known to visit the coast in December.
A little tease of the cottage below


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A day in the forest

On one of my days off, we jumped on the bus to visit Delamere forest for a few hours as the Dragonflies and other wildlife would be having their last hurrah with the warm weather we are having sporadically. As the weather was very pleasant but too hot for me I was glad to have the tree cover and having not visited Delamere for a few years it was nice to visit midday in the week rather than when there are lots of outdoors lovers around.
My first Cheshire lizard warming up by the lake where all the wildfowl were perched on the half-submerged trees.
Although still a wonderful place for wildlife and lots of deep forest to explore it seems it more for the people than nature now. I remember coming to the forest and going into the cafe and shop which sold wildlife-related products. The exciting thing was a large window in the cafe seating area where you could watch lots of birds feeding on all the bird feeders placed out with various foods to keep the birds fed but that was when winters were cold and snowy but now the feeders have gone which was a little disappointing. Hopefully, the trees that have now matured outside my desk window are perfect for bird feeders to hang on and now we have quite a large rowen berry tree so who knows maybe Waxings in the garden over the winter.

More Nature things to come from my summer adventures!!!

Thank you


Monday, 18 September 2017

Cheshire Badger cull :-(

Where science and facts have been pushed aside the Badger cull has once again started and has now come to Cheshire. I know a few people involved with legally disrupting the cull shooters and making sure they follow the rules where they can.
Those people out there fighting the injustice have my respect I would love to be involved but as I can't drive and the cull area in Cheshire is in the middle of a no bus area. Instead, I have decided to keep an eye on all my local setts and try to check 10 every other day including poo pits for traces of peanuts and sett disturbances as in early 2017 sett diggers were disrupted on my local patch. At nearby Blakemere I spotted these dodger diggers which I reported to Cheshire hunt monitors.
We only the second week of 6 weeks of shooters being allowed to trap and shoot Badgers and hopefully, the quota they won't be met. We will only know that once the 6 weeks are over if the hard work of the sabs (Badger defenders) who are sacrificing their time and own money pays off.
You can donate to them here:
If you can donate anything to there fuel fund they would really appreciate it!


"Stay safe Badger warriors, for you are the last stand against the death in the darkness"